November 09, 2011

Returned to the Web

I was offline for 28 months. I missed everything for about a month. Then I was still thinking about some of the good interesting things I had read online for a few months. Then it faded away into not seeming there most of the time, not that it ever seemed very real in the first place.

The one area of interest that lasted longest that I picked up from the Web was hypotheses about the effects of food, whether diets change people and determine emotional and intellectual differences between people, the sort of differences that people with axes to grind or "common knowledge" or pet theories attribute to genetics or parenting or economic class or infection of the brain, such as by toxoplasmosis. It's an open question.

Anyway I've returned and I'm trying to do everything better this time.

After I had reached an apogee from the world of live electronic media, I began to fall back into it with a new AM/FM/SW radio, then more cable TV. Now I feel like I'm on the hard stuff: Internet with live games and chat at the same time, and Web searches for the latest things going on. It's about twice as much effect as caffeine, or about as much effect as drinking, but in the opposite direction.