January 06, 2006

Taking down sidebar links

I'm removing all the external links from the sidebar of Return of the Sasquatch.

Here they are, just for reference:

cultural derealization:

Pop Occulture

(formerly Occult Investigator)

sasquatch emulation:

Ran Prieur

total pessmism about civilization:

The Anthropik Network

moderate pessimism about peak oil:


disaster pessimism:


war and disaster paranoia:

What Does It Mean

not gullible about terrorism:

What Really Happened

political paranoia and channeling:

Signs of the Times

pessimism about government:

Lew Rockwell

optimism about anarchy:

Strike the Root

I thought a lot about what to write about this today, and came up with the following three points:

Links will appear in posts when relevant.

Normal entertainment and periodicals never give static recommendation lists. References occur in context, giving them meaning and weight.

One hot link beats a hundred stale blogrolls.

Really it's more personal than trying to further the art of the blog. I feel tied down by having a list on the sidebar that I feel like I should keep up with to be authentic. Then I feel embarrassed to put the address of the blog into places where I post comments, because one list of a certain pop-media/ bad news genre doesn't represent everything about who I am and whether my comments should be taken seriously or lightly on a given subject.

I want this blog to show development and growth, not becoming a big fan of particular websites just because it seemed cool to have them in the sidebar.

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