April 10, 2012

Atomic Weapons Unreal Hoax

It has come to my attention that many things are fake. Nuclear weapons are fake. I don't mean just some purported nuclear explosions were faked, I mean all of them. Some may have included radioactive materials, to increase the fear of harm from them, or for "realism," or for chemical or mechanical reasons as depleted uranium is said to be used in some weapons, but the explosive power was purely chemical. Films were staged or manipulated, to make bomb tests seem larger than they actually were. So the fear of nuclear war was a result of a false propaganda project.

There was a forum of skeptics on nuclear subjects called "nukelies" for a year that suspended operation this March. A snapshot of that site is available currently at http://www.raetowest.org/ If you look this subject up for yourself instead, please bear in mind that there are also individuals who say that nuclear weapons can only be detonated at certain places and times, for pseudoscientific or mystical reasons, which might be part of the propaganda campaign, to make believing in nuclear weapons look sane compared with that alternative.

This development means I have to re-evaluate all my political opinions, to take account of pervasive propaganda being the way war and politics are conducted. So guess I should be glad that very few have ever read my blog so far.

Update, May 15: After reading about nuclear technology more, I would now say that nuclear weapons are most likely exaggerated in explosive force and numbers in stockpiles and radioactive effects, maybe by factors on the order of 100. I'm not trying to pass a purity test for a forum about disbelieving all war and terror and space propaganda, such as September Clues. I'm just trying to be realistic about it.

There are so many people who've studied nuclear materials and calculated how they can have a chain reaction and melt down, that's probably true and probably produces some explosive force if over criticality is initiated rapidly. The idea that a small lump, a kilogram or so, of uranium or plutonium that has melted down, vaporized, and is expanding rapidly can continue reacting until it's practically all converted into energy and nuclear waste seems doubtful, let alone that physicists can make an impressive amount of hydrogen fusion happen in the middle of that explosion reliably. Plus there's every reason for governments that have nuclear weapons to exaggerate and keep secrets about them as much as they can.

Further update, May 16: Looking at the question again, I think it's likely nuclear weapons may be exaggerated by 100's or 1000's of times or even of insignificant force, though there is radioactive uranium that can melt down and explode, with less or maybe more force than a chemical explosive.

Much as I dislike recommending videos when reading is faster and smarter, considering this is a subject that's largely about television/film/video, as the main way the story was sold to make the public believers in nuclear weapons, video is very helpful for evaluating whether the story is incredible propaganda. Here's the original nuke skeptic YouTube video: BIG LIES - Annotated NUKE LIES - very first nuke skeptic video of 2008 Here's a thoughtful video that suggests interesting explanations about being trapped in a lie for why so many countries would spend so much money and make such exaggerated claims: Nuclear Weapons do not Exist The voice over is quiet so turn it up.