January 13, 2007

The Now Club

Suppose there are two different clubs that meet to talk about improving their lives.

One club is called The Someday Club. They talk about what they want to do: plans, goals, resolutions. They talk over a meal or just hanging around. Whatever they talk about, they never do during their meeting. They expect that anything you mention doing, you'll leave until later, when the meeting is over and you're on your own, at least, better yet the next day or when you said you might do it in a week or two.

It's unseemly to begin doing anything of any importance while with them. You're supposed to relax as a guest and to be entertained, or to be a gracious host only concerned with entertaining, if the meeting is at your place or on your tab. Their sort of entertaining does not include doing things that members have said they want to do. They can do those on their own time. Entertaining is for extras, things you might not have known you wanted, and a good meal or snack, regardless of whose diet it breaks.

Sometimes they'll put someone down for being all talk and no action. They think maybe they're encouraging him to do more before the next meeting, so he can report back on his progress and be proud of himself. They end up not having interesting conversations, just barely reporting how it's going if there's any change and eating quietly, because no one wants to talk about interesting things that they haven't been doing any real work on lately and that they aren't sure they're about to work on, and then to be put down for it.

The other club is called The Now Club. When someone talks about doing something, if it's possible to do then, they do it. They help each other accomplish their goals, right now. Whether it's work or play or going on a trip somewhere, if it's something someone wants to do that's a priority for that person, and it's enjoyable or worthwhile to do, they pitch in and help, or if it's something better done by one, they let a person work on it while they're hanging around.

Which club do you think is going to be more successful? Which club is more help to its members? Which club are better friends or closer family to each other or acquaintances who are more friendly? Which club is like a natural band of human beings and which is an impersonal sharing of all the bad habits of civilization? When you're with your friends or family or neighbors, which club are you participating in? When you plan what you're going to do, thinking by yourself, which club do you belong to?

[I was going to say more about The Now Club, but after writing what I did about The Someday Club in this rewrite, I couldn't add very much honestly. I realized I don't know The Now Club. I've never met them. The Someday Club is my life.]

[I came up with this concept along with the name "The Now Club" a few months ago, in the context of talking about deciding to get regular exercise to have the energy to do more every day.]

[In the middle of this rewrite I looked up the names "The Now Club" and "The Someday Club" to see if they were already widely known in some other use that would interfere with the message.]

["The Now Club" is the alternate title of the song "No Limits" on the album The Look by Shalamar. I checked a sample at Amazon, and recognized I've heard the song, which was released in 1983, and that they say "the now club" in the lyrics.]

[Heyoka magazine has an article that includes an explanation and lyrics of a song titled "The Someday Club" by Layla and the Orlando Rock Band. It's very pertinent. Another "Someday Club" is Someday, a jazz club in Tokyo.]

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