March 14, 2007

About to blog more often...

I’ve made 15 blog posts in 1 1/2 years, and had 11 comments: one spam I deleted, 6 comments from 4 readers, and my 4 comments in response to each of them. So I want to try to blog more often for at least a while, to see what happens.

Daily blogs that have new content plus news links on a subject that has a blog community seem to have a chance of becoming well-visited. I know that those blogs easily get to the top of my links list for each subject I browse regularly.

Seeing if this post goes through from 43 Things to Blogger forms part of seeing what happens. The main part of seeing what happens: Can I keep up writing and linking interesting things, or will I run out? Then if I keep it up, will I get more comments?

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